The Notebook Coach

Notebook + Life Coaching = The Notebook Coach  



What is The Notebook?

The Notebook Coach utilised effective coaching tools in reaching your authentic happiness.

Through Keeping track of your goals  that you put with a clear and determined mind, achieve fulfillment with focusing on life’s main aspects and maintain  balance between your values as well as keep your day to day life organised.


The Notebook is a Life Planning, Balancing, Evaluating  device. Your normal day by day note pad with a couple of tricks up its sleeve. It takes into account the way that we all need more in our lives and aim for equalization. It takes  you through the different phases of wishing to have or do something to the minute you achieve your goals while creating in-depth awareness during this journey.

The Notebook is designed by a group of experienced Life Coaches based on tools they use during Life Planning Coaching sessions.


Why use The Notebook? How can writing  in The Notebook make difference? 

  1.  Create A Sense of Purpose. Everyone needs a sense of purpose in their lives.  And setting goals is a great way to identify your purpose.  As the saying goes, if you don’t know where you’re going, then you’ll end up somewhere else.
  2. Control Your Future.Without goals, your life can feel like a boat that’s floating aimlessly down a river.  You don’t know where you’re going.  Setting goals, is like getting paddles for your boat.  You now have some control over which way you go and how you get there.
  3. Focus On What’s Important. When people don’t set clear goals, they often feel overwhelmed.  There always seems to be too much to do and not enough time.  When you set goals, you start to focus on what’s really important in your life and everything else starts to become less important.
  4. Increase Your Motivation.When you write down goals, they start to feel real.  And over time you’ll start to believe that you can accomplish those goals.  This will fuel your desire, passion and motivation to achieve your goals.
  5. Get Faster Results.Once you have clear written goals, your mind starts to focus more on how to achieve those goals.  Instead of just hoping that you’ll do something someday, you start to take daily progress towards your goals. Even the smallest actions on a daily basis, add up to big results over a year.
  6. Make Better Use of Time.Without clear goals, it’s often very difficult to manage your time and juggle competing priorities. But when you write down your goals, you start to prioritize working on your goals above other activities such as watching television.
  7. Be More Positive. Having compelling goals also makes you more positive.  You have a sense of purpose, you’re controlling your future, you’re focusing on what’s important, you’re more motivated, you’re starting to see results and you’re making better use of your time. All those things add up and help to build a more positive attitude which drives even more success.

How to use The Notebook?

The Notebook is designed to support you to reach your goals and find your balance with great ease. Further assistance for you to gain maximum benefits of the Notebook contact us to book an  Individual Coaching Session or a Join a Group Coaching Session.




What is Life Coaching?

Coaching is partnership with you in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential.


When do you hire a Life coach?

1. Have a specific goal and want to achieve it.

2. Have a vague vision and want some clarity.

3. Seek meaning  and balance in your life.


How will Life Coaching benefit you with the notebook?

Coaching helps:

1. Focus on the present and future.

2. Setting goals  and  taking actions.

3. Being more functional.

4. Exploring solutions.

5. When you wonder, “Where would I like to be and how can I get there?”


 Coaching Types ?

1. Business Coaching

2. Life coaching

3. Transitional coaching

4. Relationship coaching.