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The Maternity Notebook Coach

14479726_1144596592295193_619122613410776444_nThe Notebook Coach presents to you our Maternity Notebook Coach.

The Notebook you will never throw away,

Having a child makes you question who you are & who you want to be. The type of example you want to set for your child.
The Maternity Notebook Coach is your perfect companion for the coming months, up until the big D-Day (Delivery Day). Designed For pregnant women by a fellow Coach / Mommy to be.
The Maternity Notebook Coach is built on coaching foundations based on real life questions we encounter -as life Coaches-  from Mommy’s and Daddy’s to be. Merging the basic medical information you want to know, while documenting your experience forever for you to look back on and even passing it on to your child in the future.