Personal development

Personal development is basically deciding that it is time for change; it is time for a BETTER you. The already existing you is great and all, but how amazing can a better version of you be?
Start by making a list of the things that you think need development; this list differs from one person to the other depending on every person’s characteristics and needs. Some people might be after developing their physical strengths, others might want to develop their soft skills or maybe even their careers.

Making this conscience decision to develop ourselves in whatever aspect is what we all owe to ourselves, as personal development has lots of benefits.

Here are some of the benefits of Personal Development:

1. You Will Be Self-aware 
Self-awareness is the foundation of personal development. You will know yourself better, understand your values, understand your weak points for further development and know your capabilities, which will eventually help you in setting attainable goals for the future.

2. You Will Develop a Sense of Direction 
When you fully understand yourself, you become aware of the different possibilities and paths. What is even more interesting is that you understand what YOU want in life and which of these paths suits you best. This sense of direction gets you a step closer to achieving your goals.

3. You Will Face Minimal Distractions
Once you develop a sense of direction, you will figure out the right path without having to go through different unwanted paths. You won’t waste time and you won’t get distracted easily with what the world has to offer.

4. You Will Feel Motivated
Being on the right track motivates all the people across the globe. So, when you are going through that path and achieving defined milestones, without being distracted then you will feel this essential motivation.
This is what keeps us going in life, without motivation we will ultimately fail to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true.

5. You Will Develop Your Relationships
When you become a better person, you have more awareness, which will lead to you developing better relationships with the people around you. You will learn to have more boundaries that suits you as a person and not the other way around and you will be able to adapt more to the people around you.

6. You Will Be Happier
Happiness is what we all want, but fail to achieve at times. Personal development will put you on the road of happiness, because what other thing can make you happy than seeing yourself becomes a better version of you?


The Maternity Notebook Coach

14479726_1144596592295193_619122613410776444_nThe Notebook Coach presents to you our Maternity Notebook Coach.

The Notebook you will never throw away,

Having a child makes you question who you are & who you want to be. The type of example you want to set for your child.
The Maternity Notebook Coach is your perfect companion for the coming months, up until the big D-Day (Delivery Day). Designed For pregnant women by a fellow Coach / Mommy to be.
The Maternity Notebook Coach is built on coaching foundations based on real life questions we encounter -as life Coaches-  from Mommy’s and Daddy’s to be. Merging the basic medical information you want to know, while documenting your experience forever for you to look back on and even passing it on to your child in the future.


2015 is OVER!

A year passed, 365 Days Gone.
How did you spend them?
Was it a fruitful year?
You started the year with an image of what you wanted, Now it’s time to EVALUATE how it went.
By now you are use to the end of month evaluation & the end of year evaluation is no different. Just a wider look on your past 12 Months.

Wheel of Balance

wheel of balance

Your Big 5

Big 5

2015 Brief

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